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  • November 8, 2016 3:07 am

Over the past 20 years the rate of injury in the construction industry has fallen significantly. However, the construction industry is still considered a high-risk industry. The industry accounts for 5% of employees in the UK but 27% of all fatal injuries to employees and some 9% of reported major injuries.
2010/11 statistics:

50 Fatal injuries to construction workers, of which 18 were to self-employed contractors.

This is a dramatic fall, in the previous 5 years the average was 61 fatalities.

In 20 years the fatalities have reduced by 66%, this is in keeping with the falls seen in other industries. Non-fatal serious injuries have fallen a third in tis time.

It has been estimated that 5000 occupational cancer cases are resultant of a past exposure in the construction sector. The comparative figure for musculoskeletal disorder is 36000, well above average.

2.3 million working days were lost as a consequence of work related illness or injury in the past 12 months. 75% being due to illness and only a quarter due to injury.

SMSTS and SSSTS courses are highly recommended and now a necessity to bring these numbers down even further.

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